A downloadable game

My own game: cardbattle is a card pvp game, a multiplayer game, done with websockets ( ratchet) and coded in php with bootstrap and jquery as client-side frameworks.

* The deck builder

* The duel with the other player, on the main phase you can only use the card to draw more cards, and on the damage you need to use the damage cards.

** The game is on spanish sorry, I didn't had time to work on, with translate all the texts and use the integrated language system which I made.

I hope you like, I just uploaded all the source code of the first alpha, to play you'll need to host yourself, with some instructions or just check where I'm hosting the game: http://cardbattle.tecnomakers-games.com

The user account system, have a encrypted system one. If you like that code, you can use it freely, but please, do not use my own project for commercial purpoises.


cardbattle-alpha2.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

To install there is a readme.txt with all the instructions, but you'll need primary:

- PHP ZMQ extension


- MySQL Database